If you need help deciding on getting Obamacare coverage this should do it

Jay Leno continued his comedic assault on Barack Obama Thursday.

At the beginning of his NBC Tonight Show monologue, the host said, “The White House announced today that President Obama will visit Pope Francis in the near future. See, Pope Francis thinks ObamaCare can be a success. Well, sure, he’s the Pope – he has to believe in miracles”

Here’s something you don’t see every day: Bill Maher poking fun at Barack Obama.

On his first Real Time show of the year, the HBO host said of the scandal currently embattling Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.), “They basically turned the bridge into the ObamaCare website”

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Don’t believe your eyes: These two blocks are the SAME shade of gray


It’s hard to comprehend, but even though our eyes tell us that one block is darker and the other is lighter, we shouldn’t believe them.

The two blocks are, in fact, the exact same color and only appear diferent due to the effect of the darker and lighter shading across the middle.

Place one finger along the center, blocking the darker and lighter parts, and your eyes will begin to tell the truth.

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Meet Mr Testicle… probably the most bizarre mascot ever who is seeking to raise awareness of testicular cancer in Brazil


This rather usual looking character is Senhor Testiculo, which translates in English as Mr Testicle, he is the recently launched mascot of a Brazilian non-profit health organization which seeks to raise cancer awareness.

In case you hadn’t guessed already, Senhor Testiculo is focused on reminding men to check their scrotum for testicular cancer.

Cancer is a serious issue but that hasn’t stopped The Associação de Assistência às Pessoas com Câncer (Association for the Assistance of People with Cancer) in Viçosa a city in the Minas Gerais region from adopting this playful character.

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