Shotgun that blasts insects with table-salt (See video below)

Fundraising websites – which raises funds for products through crowd-sourcing – have raised money for some very noble causes.

Whether this is one of them or not might depend on how you feel about killing insects, for avowed fly-hater

Lorenzo Maggiore is seeking $15,000 for his ‘Fly Shotgun’, which uses nothing more than common table-salt to blast those pesky creatures into the next life.

He is using fundraising site IndieGoGo to get his product on the shelves, with a fully-featured ‘BugASalt’ prototype already proving its worth in the age-old Man vs Fly battle

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Female boxers furious after sporting body says it may force women fighters to wear skirts in the ring

Boxing gloves, check. Headguard, check. Mouthguard, check. Miniskirt?

After winning a long fight to get into the Olympics, female boxers are at the centre of a dress code debate ahead of the 2012 London Games, including whether they should wear skirts in the ring.

The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) said last week that officials will meet in January to discuss the issue and draw up recommendations.

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Mets settle suit with woman injured by falling fat man at Shea

Fat’s all, folks! A woman who had her back broken by a falling fat guy at Shea Stadium has settled her big buck lawsuit against the Mets, court records show.

Ellen Massey blamed the team for her injuries, contending they knew or should have known the drunken 300-pound fan five rows above her was a problem, and they did nothing to stop him from tormenting the other people in her section.

That fan, Timothy Cassidy, denies he was drunk, but witnesses said he was so sloshed, he couldn’t even complete the “Let’s go Mets!” chant.

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Marathon Runner Gets Tired, Hops on a bus, finishes 3rd

At the 20-mile mark of a gruelling, rain-soaked marathon, other runners must have been tempted. But only one succumbed.

Rob Sloan flagged down a bus and was driven the six miles to the race’s closing stages.

Then he jumped off, hid behind a tree until other competitors came into view and rejoined the race, crossing the finishing line in two hours, 51 minutes and one second to secure third place.

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