The Queen fights for gay rights


The Queen will tomorrow back an historic pledge to promote gay rights and ‘gender equality’ in one of the most controversial acts of her reign.

In a live television broadcast, she will sign a new charter designed to stamp out discrimination against homosexual people and promote the ‘empowerment’ of women – a key part of a new drive to boost human rights and living standards across the Commonwealth.

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Chocolatier pumps out chocolate shoes for Valentine’s Day – complete with red soles and candy-filled heels

Chocolate High Heels

Florists and chocolate-makers are working around the clock in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

And a Dallas, Texas-based chocolatier who loves designer high heels has molded her pedestrian passion into chocolate form.

Andrea Pedraza’s most popular chocolate pumps – which receive a lot of attention in the weeks leading up to the holiday – are those made in the style of Christian Louboutin shoes.

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New bearded ski-mask designed to keep you warm on the slopes is surprise xmas hit

Movember is so last month … now the ultimate facial fashion accessory is a full on beard.

If you’ve always wanted to try out the Grizzly Adams look but don’t have the patience to grow out your designer stubble then the new Beardski should be topping your Christmas list.

Part insulating ski mask, part beard, this fake fuzz is designed to keep your face snug while you are on the slopes … or even just coming home from the office Christmas party.

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How checking our phones 60 times a day is driving away friends

Young people’s attachment to their mobile phones is eroding their personal relationships, according to a new study.

The claims come after research revealed that young adults – in addition to sending over 100 texts – check their mobile up to 60 times a day.

Experts behind a new study have now said compulsively checking a mobile phone is an addiction similar to compulsive spending or credit card misuse.

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Eating meat ‘will make you lie, steal and commit sex crimes’: Vegetarian advice for 11-year-olds in Indian school textbook

The pros and cons of a diet including meat may be the subject of debate for nutritionists, but one Indian school textbook has made its position very clear – eating meat will make you lie, steal and commit sex crimes.

The unusual moral guidance appeared in a school book for 11-year-olds, supposedly offering education on issues from health and hygiene to sex education and exercise, Indian news channel NDTV reported.

On a page about non-vegetarians, the book said that they ‘easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes’.

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Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked!!!

Sexy nurse, sexy devil, sexy bunny – what’s going on with costumes? Don’t be scared to wear things over your underwear

This video about non-sexual Halloween costumes is my new jam. Anyone who has seen the film Mean Girls/is a woman (which is basically the same thing) will know what the laydees in this video are talking about. In recent years, Halloween has become an excuse for women to shed the clothing in favour of sexy costumes, most of which are either shop bought roleplay ensembles such as sexy nurse, sexy maid, sexy devil, sexy bunny… (ad infinitum) or an outfit comprised simply of knickers, bra and animal ears. Classy.

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