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Updated 1/1/2005

Excalibur SysOps!

It's easy to bring your system back online using your home broadband connection and a free dynamic name service such as Dyndns.org.  For more information on Dynamic DNS visit http://dns.highsynth.com/index.shtml  and  http://www.technopagan.org/dynamic/#TheList.

Remember when you drooled at the thought of hosting Game Doors like L.O.R.D. on your Excalibur BBS? Well, now you can actually do it! All you need is JDS X Launcher and a nifty program called GameSrv. You can get it at  http://www.randm.ca/products/gamesrv-beta/index.php .

Excalibur Developers!

There is a resurgence of interest in Excalibur BBS! Consider making your plugins available for registration once again. Contact Chris of Burma Cave BBS at info@frankenserver.org.

Excalibur Users!

The Number One draw for callers is the Excalibur adaptation of the popular board game Scrabble.  Call and join a game today!

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