Dear Mr F*ck Off,

A father of one was appalled when he received a letter from Halifax offering him a bank account – and telling him to ‘F*ck Off’.

Steve Smith, from Lancaster, was sent a message beginning ‘Dear Off’ and containing an application form for a credit card with ‘F*ck Off’ already printed on it.

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Sculptures that require an amazing balancing act

These gravity-defying sculptures were created without glue or pins – just painstakingly balanced on one another.

Patient artist Adrian Gray, 44, spends hours scouring a nearby beach to select the ideal-sized rocks, boulders and pebbles to fit with each other.

Adrian then arranges them in precarious positions by very carefully ‘feeling’ the balancing point of each rock – a process that requires supreme skill. Read More:

Chicago High School limits bathroom breaks to 3 per semester

Students who need to relieve themselves at this Chicago high school will have to hold it in… or risk being kept after class.

A policy at Evergreen High School has limited the number of occasions pupils are allowed to leave a lesson to visit the bathroom to just three a semester.

After that, they have to make up any missed teaching time after school has ended.

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40% fewer CAR crashes in the Middle East during BlackBerry outage

Blackberry’s data centre crash may have proved catastrophic for the firms and workers who rely on the smartphones’ email services to do business.
But while the disruption may have sounded the death-knell for Research In Motion, the phones’ embattled maker, it may have helped save lives elsewhere.
In the United Arab Emirates, a dramatic fall in traffic accidents has been directly linked to the three-day blackout of Blackberry services. Read More:

Man uses iPhone’s new Find My Friends GPS function to catch cheating wife in the act

Apple’s Find My Friends app is designed to make it easier for friends to meet up, showing a live location on screen via GPS which your friends can watch.

The idea is to make it easier to find friends on a night out, or ensure that people don’t get lost on holiday.

But one wronged New York husband claims that the app – which uses GPS to let designated friends ‘see’ where you are – has revealed that his wife was lying to him. Read More: