Inflation hits the Tooth Fairy as kids demand up to $50 for baby teeth


Kelly Bird Pierre knew the world had changed when she heard what the Tooth Fairy was giving out these days.

The 39-year-old educator from South Orange, New Jersey used to get a quarter whenever she lost one of her own baby teeth. But when her daughter Oona and son Jacques went through the same phase, reports from their schoolyard buddies swiftly got back to her: $3, $5, even $10 a tooth.

Indeed, some Tooth Fairies – or their parental representatives – are taking things to an extreme. Some 6 percent are leaving more than $20 a pop, and 2 percent actually give a whopping $50 or more for a single tooth.

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Meet Montjiro, the best dressed dog on the planet, with a couture wardrobe and a horde of fans on Instagram

A wardrobe full of the finest haute couture pieces combined with urban street style and some serious posing on Instagram.

No, we’re not talking about Rihanna. Say hello instead to Montjiro, a Japanese chihuaha widely believed to be the best dressed dog on internet.

With a wardrobe so well stocked it would be the envy of most two-legged fashion fans, let alone his canine contemporaries, designer dog Montjiro has become a star on Instagram with 4,700 fans now following on his page.

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Is your smartphone hurting your thumb? Now you can strengthen it with a mini weight called a THUMBELL


A miniature weight has been designed to help people improve the strength of their thumbs.

The ‘Thumbell’ was designed after new research revealed that 26 million Britons suffer thumb pain because of too much gadget use.

The survey, commissioned by O2, found that 43 per cent of people have had thumb pain in the last five years.

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