The Queen fights for gay rights


The Queen will tomorrow back an historic pledge to promote gay rights and ‘gender equality’ in one of the most controversial acts of her reign.

In a live television broadcast, she will sign a new charter designed to stamp out discrimination against homosexual people and promote the ‘empowerment’ of women – a key part of a new drive to boost human rights and living standards across the Commonwealth.

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Saddam Hussein Complaining To Other Angels About All The Jews In Heaven


THE HEAVENS—Sources within the Kingdom of God confirmed Thursday that late president of Iraq Saddam Hussein has been constantly complaining to his fellow angels about the abundance of Jews in Heaven.

Hussein, who has resided in Heaven since his death in 2006, reportedly claims to be “sick and tired of seeing Jews every day” of his infinite afterlife.

“Don’t get me wrong, this place is a hallowed paradise of unfathomable splendor, but to be perfectly frank, it’s a little hard to enjoy with all these damned Jews floating around,” said Hussein as his white angelic robes were bathed in the blessed light of the Lord. “It’s just frustrating that after putting in 69 years of hard work on Earth, I have to come up here and see Jews everywhere I turn.”

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Chubby Checker in a twist over phone app named after him that invites women to enter a man’s shoe size and calculate penis size

chubbycheckerIt’s was a risque but light-hearted app that claimed to let ladies know what they can expect from a new man based on the size of his feet.

But though it promised ‘no need for disappointment or surprise’, someone’s been left thoroughly unamused by the ‘Chubby Checker’ – the singer whose name it borrows.

Now the rock ’n’ roll star who’s famed for The Twist has filed a $500million lawsuit in the US against technology firm Hewlett-Packard, through whose software the app was available.

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Chocolatier pumps out chocolate shoes for Valentine’s Day – complete with red soles and candy-filled heels

Chocolate High Heels

Florists and chocolate-makers are working around the clock in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

And a Dallas, Texas-based chocolatier who loves designer high heels has molded her pedestrian passion into chocolate form.

Andrea Pedraza’s most popular chocolate pumps – which receive a lot of attention in the weeks leading up to the holiday – are those made in the style of Christian Louboutin shoes.

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