Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked!!!

Sexy nurse, sexy devil, sexy bunny – what’s going on with costumes? Don’t be scared to wear things over your underwear

This video about non-sexual Halloween costumes is my new jam. Anyone who has seen the film Mean Girls/is a woman (which is basically the same thing) will know what the laydees in this video are talking about. In recent years, Halloween has become an excuse for women to shed the clothing in favour of sexy costumes, most of which are either shop bought roleplay ensembles such as sexy nurse, sexy maid, sexy devil, sexy bunny… (ad infinitum) or an outfit comprised simply of knickers, bra and animal ears. Classy.

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Man Runs Entire Baltimore Marathon In Flip Flops

Runners searching for the perfect pair of sneakers may want to try and run in something different — flip flops.

Keith Levasseur ran the Baltimore Marathon on Saturday in 2:46:58 and did all 26 miles in flip flops.

“I had every intention of sticking to the race plan of finishing a little under 3:00, so my initial pace starting gout as 6:40-6:50,” Levasseur told Runner’s World. “After a few miles, I decided I go with whatever pace I could comfortably run, even if it was faster than my target pace. I know there are some decent hills later in the race and I didn’t know how I would be doing from a time perspective at that point, so I gave myself some wiggle room by letting go on the downhills and cruising in the 6:00s.”

Levasseur was the 29th person to finish the race out of 3,024 runners. He said others noticed his footwear.

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