Chocolate cake for breakfast will help you LOSE weight and keep it off, claim scientists

As a recipe for losing weight, tucking into a slice of chocolate cake at breakfast would seem an unlikely fantasy.

But a full breakfast that includes a sweet treat really can contribute to weight loss success, researchers claim.

A team from Tel Aviv University found that eating pudding as part of a balanced 600-calorie breakfast that also includes proteins and carbohydrates, can help dieters to lose more weight – and keep it off in the long run.

The key is to indulge in the morning, when the body’s metabolism is at its most active and we are better able to work off the extra calories throughout the day, according to Professor Daniela Jakubowicz and her team.
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Who’s the Bride? And Other Things Not to Say to Same-Sex Couples

same sex marriageI’ll never forget the day that I went for a cake tasting with a pair of my brides. We arrived to a bakery where I’d been plenty of times before and had great experiences. When she saw us, the assistant who greeted us that day said, “So, which one of you is the bride?”

I get it. Three women. Surely one of them must be the bride, another the Maid of Honor and the third a sister or the planner — or anyone but another bride. Right?

I was fairly horrified, even though I knew my clients would ultimately have a good experience if they did choose that cake (they didn’t). I was horrified because it’s my job to make sure this doesn’t happen, and that day I failed myself and my clients. I should have called ahead to remind the bakery that the appointment was with a same-sex couple, even though I mentioned it when making the appointment. I should have and I didn’t.

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Critics get no satisfaction from Rolling Stones museum men’s room

For 50 years, the Rolling Stones have offended the sensibilities of squeamish types around the world. Next stop on the culture-clash tour: the small northern German town of Luechow.

The city’s new Rolling Stones Fan Museum hasn’t even opened, but it’s already attracted controversy because of fixtures in its men’s room — specifically, mouth-shaped urinals.

The urinals are based on the band’s famous logo, a pair of luscious open red lips with a tongue hanging out. The logo, created in 1971 by art designer John Pasche, was modeled after lead singer Mick Jagger’s famously rubbery mouth.

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Zoo Wants Chimp Commercials Pulled from Super Bowl

Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo says there’s nothing funny about a commercial featuring suit-and-tie wearing chimpanzees scheduled to air Sunday during the Super Bowl.

Steven Ross, assistant director of the zoo’s Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes, says’s commercial showing chimps outsmarting a human co-worker actually poses a risk to chimpanzees because people lose sight of the fact they’re an endangered species and become less likely to help save them.

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Toilet texting on the rise

Toilet TextingWith today’s smartphones, more people are taking their work and personal lives wherever they go — even to the toilet.

A new study of mobile phone habits shows 75 percent of people have texted, emailed, used apps or surfed the web while nature calls.

More than 90 percent of people between 28 and 35 will return a call or text while sitting on the toilet.

One in five men joined a conference call while sitting on the toilet, despite the possibility of people on the other end hearing noises or accidentally hitting the FaceTime video conferencing button.

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Ready, fire, aim! U.S. Army’s new self-steering bullet comes with tiny fins that guide it to its target

A bullet that can steer itself has been developed by national security researchers for widespread use by the army.

US military researchers have developed the technology that will see regular army soldiers shooting with the accuracy of snipers.

In fact the four-inch-long, dart-like bullet is so effective that it can hit a target, guided by a laser, two kilometers away

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