Air-quality study: Electric cars out-pollute gas engines

A Chinese study found electric vehicles in China are creating a bigger dent in the environment than gas-burning vehicles.

While electric car sales now outnumber those of conventional gas vehicles two-to-one in China, fine-particle pollution has increased as the “green” cars’ popularity has increased.

Researchers found that generating the electricity used to power an electric car releases more pollution into the atmosphere than burning gasoline to drive. Particulate matter is a fossil-fuel byproduct that includes acids, dust, soil, organic chemicals and metals. The impact an electric car has on the environment is similar to that of a diesel bus, according to the study.

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Electric cigarette explodes in Fla. man’s mouth taking out some of his front teeth and a chunk of his tongue

A faulty battery caused an electronic cigarette to explode in a Florida’s man’s mouth, taking out some of his front teeth and a chunk of his tongue and severely burning his face, fire officials said Wednesday.

Tom Holloway, 57, of Niceville, was trying to quit smoking so he was puffing on the device Monday night when it blew up, fire officials said. Officials have not publicly identified the victim. But a Facebook page under his name was filled with well-wishers commenting on the injury and database searches matched his address with his name.

“The best analogy is like it was trying to hold a bottle rocket in your mouth when it went off,” said Joseph Parker, division chief for the North Bay Fire Department. “The battery flew out of the tube and set the closet on fire.”

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Diner suffers cardiac arrest while eating a Triple Bypass Burger in restaurant called the Heart Attack Grill

It was always going to be unwise naming a restaurant that glorifies unhealthy food the Heart Attack Grill.
And on Saturday the inevitable happened when a customer suffered a cardiac arrest in the chain’s Las Vegas branch.

An onlooker captured video of paramedics wheeling the unidentified man, thought to be in his 40s, out of the fast-food diner.

He was midway through eating a 6,000-calorie Triple Bypass Burger when he began experiencing chest pains.

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No wrong answers left behind

Staffers at Cayuga Elementary School in Philadelphia were ordered to do whatever they had to do — even cheating — to get better test scores, according to sources. Principal Evelyn Cortez reportedly met with teachers days before the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA), a yearly standardized test, to make sure the message was clear.

Before the tests, the students were instructed by Cortez to write the answers on scrap paper first, then check them with teachers before marking them in the testing booklet, the staffers said.

“The announcement was made over the loudspeaker to the whole school: ‘Students, do not bubble anything in on your books. When your teacher gives you approval, then you may put it in your book,’” one teacher disclosed to the Philadelphia Enquirer.

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Samuel L. Jackson: ‘I Voted for Obama because he’s black’

Politics aside actor Samuel L. Jackson said he rallied and subsequently voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because of his race.

In an interview for Ebony magazine’s March issue the Oscar nominated actor says his vote cast for President Obama was absent of political belief.

‘I voted for Barack because he was black. ’Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them,’ Mr Jackson told the magazine according to the New York Post.

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German company designs horizontal shower which washes you while you are lying down

Most us us can barely muster the energy to get out of bed and into the shower in the morning.

So imagine if you could extend your nap time by a precious 10 minutes or so – while you were being washed.

German company Dornbracht have actually made it possible to roll out of your bed and into the shower (assuming you sleep in the bathroom) by creating a device which washes you while you are lying down.

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Cancer drug reverses Alzheimer’s in mice: study

A widely available cancer drug has shown remarkable success in reversing Alzheimer’s disease in mice, raising hope of a breakthrough against incurable dementia in humans, US researchers said Thursday.

Mice treated with the drug, known as bexarotene, became rapidly smarter and the plaque in their brains that was causing their Alzheimer’s started to disappear within hours, said the research in the journal Science.

“We were shocked and amazed,” lead author Gary Landreth of the Department of Neurosciences at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Ohio told AFP.

“Things like this had never, ever been seen before,” he said.

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Huge-breasted model, 32, walks away from horror crash after her 38KKK chest acts as AIRBAG

A 32-year-old model who held the record for the world’s largest implants has walked away from a car crash after her breasts acted as an airbag.

Sheyla Hershey, who has 38KKK breasts, was driving home to Houston, Texas, after a Super Bowl party on Sunday when she crashed into a tree.

The mother was charged with drink-driving after the incident and allegedly was not wearing a seatbelt when she lost control of her Ford Mustang.

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Facebook is GOOD for you: Social networks relax the heart rate and trigger ‘a natural high’

Websites like Facebook may actually be good for you, according to the latest psychological study on users.

Researchers found using social networks can spark a natural high leading to a relaxed heart rate and lower levels of stress and tension.

While it seems like a solitary activity, the interaction with others via these networks has a positive effect on body and mind, said joint American and Italian research.

And that buzz could explain the massive success of social networking in general and Facebook in particular.

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Chocolate cake for breakfast will help you LOSE weight and keep it off, claim scientists

As a recipe for losing weight, tucking into a slice of chocolate cake at breakfast would seem an unlikely fantasy.

But a full breakfast that includes a sweet treat really can contribute to weight loss success, researchers claim.

A team from Tel Aviv University found that eating pudding as part of a balanced 600-calorie breakfast that also includes proteins and carbohydrates, can help dieters to lose more weight – and keep it off in the long run.

The key is to indulge in the morning, when the body’s metabolism is at its most active and we are better able to work off the extra calories throughout the day, according to Professor Daniela Jakubowicz and her team.
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