Walk 3mph… or DIE! Study shows dawdlers don’t outpace the Grim Reaper

Better pick up the pace before you’re pushing up daisies.

A new study out of Australia sought to prove the speed it takes to outpace the Grim Reaper – the personification of Death – and found it’s about three miles per hour.

Those who walk faster than 2mph, the study hints, can essentially out-walk Death.

‘As none of the men in this study with walking speeds of (3mph) or greater had contact with Death, this would seem to be the Grim Reaper’s most likely maximum speed,’ the study, published in the British Medical Journal, said.

‘For those wishing to avoid their allotted fate this would be the advised walking speed,’ the study said.

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Oops! Whoopi Goldberg stuns The View panel as she farts on live television

She’s used to making others laugh, but Whoopi Goldberg’s jokes are typically intentional.

Not so today, when the 56-year-old comedienne farted on her daytime talk show, The View.

Whoopi interrupted Homeland star Claire Danes with the very loud, very unsettling noise.

She didn’t attempt to deny it, either, quipping, ‘Excuse me, I think I just blew a little frog outta there!’

Her fellow co-hosts, Sherri Shepard, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck looked on in stunned bemusement.

The Oscar winner isn’t shy about her penchant for passing gas in public, especially when it happens to be on her ABC morning show.

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Engineer with artificial heart plugs himself into cigarette lighter to keep it pumping on long car journeys

A former fitness fanatic who has an electric artificial heart has to keep himself topped up on long car journeys – by plugging into the cigarette lighter.

Chris Marshall, 50, walks around with a backpack full of batteries and connects himself to the mains when he sleeps at night.

He suffered a near-fatal heart attack three years ago and underwent a series of gruelling procedures to correct his faulty heart and narrow valves.

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Great-grandad transforms mobility scooter into Lady Penelope’s Roller (and chauffeurs her around town)

A great-grandfather has paid the ultimate tribute to Thunderbirds by transforming his mobility scooter into Lady Penelope’s Rolls Royce.

Brian Vann, 74, spent three months converting his 10mph scooter to make it look like the pink car from the hit 1960s puppet show.

He now travels from his sheltered housing complex to the shops dressed as chauffeur Parker with a model of Lady Penelope in the back seat.

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World’s Shortest Woman only 2 feet tall

Celebrating your 18th birthday is a momentous occasion for anyone, but for tiny Jyoti Amge the milestone is even bigger news.

The 2ft teenager is already a mini celebrity in her hometown of Nagpur, India, but is now set for a huge record when she is officially declared the world’s smallest woman.

And despite her miniature stature, 61.95cm-tall Jyoti hopes to celebrate being crowned the world’s shortest woman by launching a Bollywood movie career.

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Principal apologizes after shocking video shows blindfolded students making out with their PARENTS in high school prank

They were told to expect a kiss from a ‘special someone’.

But the joke was on teenagers at Rosemount High School when the mystery lip locks they suspected came from their classmates… were actually from their parents.

Now that footage of the cringe-worthy pep rally prank has gone viral, John Wollersheim says as the school principal he owes an apology to everyone who was offended by the incestual display.
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