Paul Moran, Northern Ireland Man, Tries To Turn Feces Into Gold, Ends Up In Jail

The plan was to s!@# bricks — gold bricks.

Paul Moran hatched a scheme to get rich quick by turning his own feces into gold, according to authorities in Northern Ireland. But like King Midas himself, Moran might have flushed his life down the drain in pursuit of his golden dreams.

Moran’s attempts at alchemy crossed the line into arson when he set his apartment on fire after placing his feces on an electric heater. Read More:

Can aromatherapy oils poison you? How tiny particles ‘may damage liver and kidneys’

They are meant to soothe aches and pains, relieve stress and induce a sense of relaxation.

But aromatherapy oils may in fact do more harm than good, according to scientists.

They have claimed that the extracts – used in baths, massages or burned in rooms – react with the air to produce tiny irritant particles.

Researchers found that when the so-called essential oils were used in relaxation spas for massages, the concentration of these potentially harmful particles increased tenfold.

The scientists said that certain chemicals in the oils, called volatile organic compounds, mix with the air to form secondary organic aerosols. Read More:

Google driver caught on camera flipping the finger

In a quest to photograph every road on earth, it has inadvertently snapped dead bodies, a naked woman standing on her porch and British teenagers locked in a passionate embrace.

But this is one image which definitely will not be featuring on Google Street View.

Clearly more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, a Google driver has been caught on film flipping her finger at a member of the public. Read More:

Taxpayer funded electric car actual mileage worse than SUV

The Fisker Karma electric car, developed mainly with your tax money so that a bunch of rich VC’s wouldn’t have to risk any real money, has rolled out with an nominal EPA MPGe of 52.

Not bad? Unfortunately, it’s a sham. This figure is calculated using the grossly flawed EPA process that substantially underestimates the amount of fossil fuels required to power the electric car, as I showed in great depth in an earlier article. In short, the EPA methodology leaves out, among other things, the conversion efficiency in generating the electricity from fossil fuels in the first place.

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Black women should look outside their race for a successful man, says Stanford law professor

Black women are surging ahead of black men both socially and economically, leading to a ‘relationship crisis’, says a professor of family law.

According to Ralph Richard Banks, as black men fall behind in education and income, they become less compatible with women of the same race, leading to black females becoming the ‘most unmarried’ group in American society.

In his book Is Marriage for White People? How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone, Banks says the most obvious solution is for black women to marry outside their race. Read More:

More than half of women are attracted to other women

Most women are naturally bi-curious when it comes to sex, a new report has discovered. And what’s more, it becomes more pronounced the older they get. The latest research simply claims it perfectly normal.

Boise State University found in a group of 484 heterosexual women, 60 percent were sexually attracted to other women; 45 percent had kissed a woman, and 50 percent had fantasies about the same sex. Read More:

Know anyone who talks about food and money too much? They could be a psychopath

If someone you know uses the past tense and likes to talk about what he eats, then beware – he or she could be a psychopath.

Researchers have identified the speech patterns which are the tell-tale signs somebody could be the next Hannibal Lecter.

Those who use verbal stumbles like ‘um’ and ‘ah’ should be treated with caution whilst anybody showing a lack of emotion could be trouble too.
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