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In this new comedy from the writers of The Hangover, Amy has a seemingly perfect life – a great marriage, over-achieving kids, beautiful home and a career. However she’s over-worked, over-committed and exhausted to the point that she’s about to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other over-stressed moms on a quest to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities – going on a wild, un-mom-like binge of long overdue freedom, fun and self-indulgence – putting them on a collision course with PTA Queen Bee Gwendolyn and her clique of devoted perfect moms.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Trailer Highlights!

But don’t let those fresh new Greek baby faces fool you, because the OG neighbors are also returning for a second go-around, and let’s just say, they’re ready to retaliate.

The trailer kicks off with one very familiar face, Phi Lambda president and resident angel child Selena Gomez, who welcomes everyone into the house, when one new member, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, is seen taking a casual hit out of a blunt.

She decides to create her own sorority complete with no songs, no late fees and, well, no rules, to which the original neighbors, husband and wife Mac and Kelly, are not too amused. But you bet they’ve got their game faces on because they ain’t messin’ around this time…

Ok, so they still have a thing or two to learn, but that’s why they call in the professionals, AKA Zac Efron and his six-pack army of rock hard man muscles.

Zac is officially back people! And his services are called upon for good, not evil, this time around as he joins forces with Mac and Kelly, who are trying to sell their house until the new sorority moves in. It is officially sisterhood VS. the OG hood, and by the looks of it, Mac and Kelly have their work handed to them, because we all know that there is no “I” in sorority.

Well, whatever the spelling may be, if Mac and Kelly can conquer a group of wild frat boys, we’re sure with the smarts of their former frat star, they can all bind forces and take down the sisterhood. But we’ll just have to wait and find out to see what happens come this summer, so in the meantime, I want to know what you guys thought about the trailer for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, so get to talking right down here in the comments section. After that, don’t forget to click right over here to check out 11 other movies we can’t wait for this year. Thanks so much for checking in with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time.