KLM Lost & Found service

KLM’s dedicated Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is on a mission to reunite lost items as soon as possible with their legitimate owner. From a teddy bear found by the cabin crew to a laptop left in the lounge. Locating the owners can sometimes be a challenge, so special forces have been hired…
And remember: if it happens to you, the KLM Social Media team is always there for you on Facebook and Twitter!

Pilot lands plane using IPAD after inflight navigation system fails


A pilot was forced to land his plane using an iPad app and his cell phone to help guide him to an airport after his navigation system malfunctioned on Tuesday.

Raymond Cody was flying a single-engine plane across western Colorado to Grand Junction Regional Airport when the instrument panel in his cockpit stopped working not long after take-off.

While his engine continued to work normally, the pilot quickly realized he would have no way of notifying airport officials as he approached his destination.

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Air New Zealand unveil hilarious Hobbit-themed video featuring cast and crew from the film

Judging by the passengers on board this plane, it must be heading over the Misty Mountains and straight for Middle Earth.

Hobbits and elves are squashed in next to Orcs and wizards on board the cramped flight – suggesting the latest movie adaptation of a J.R.R Tolkien classic has been given a modern twist.

But Lord Of The Rings fans can breathe a sign of relief, as the scene is taken from Air New Zealand’s new in-flight safety video, which even features a cameo from director Sir Peter Jackson along with one of Tolkien’s most famous characters – Gollum.

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Shock as visitors using restrooms on 18th floor of swanky Manhattan hotel are visible from the street

Visitors using the restrooms on the 18th floor of an exclusive New York hotel may get a fantastic view through floor-to-ceiling windows – but passersby can’t say the same.

Bathroom users at the Boom Boom Room club at the swanky Standard Hotel in Manhattan are entirely visible to people on the street thanks to the 10-foot windows lining the walls.

And it’s a discovery that has alarmed some unaware toilet-goers as there is no warning sign that their bare behinds will be seen – and sometimes photographed – by strangers below.

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Cruise ship’s cook says captain ordered dinner after crash

The captain of the Costa Concordia ordered dinner for himself and a woman after the ship struck rocks off Italy’s coast, a cook from the ship told a Filipino television station.

In an interview with GMA Network, cook Rogelio Barista said Capt. Francesco Schettino ordered dinner less than an hour after the accident.

“We wondered what was going on. … At that time, we really felt something was wrong. … The stuff in the kitchen was falling off shelves and we realized how grave the situation was,” Barista told GMA.

Schettino ordered dinner around 10:30 p.m. Friday, Barista said. Authorities say the ship struck the rocks at 9:41 p.m.

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Former Lunatic Asylum Now a Lure for Ghost Hunters

Normally, Rebecca Jordan will take all the free TV exposure she can get for the psychiatric hospital that she’s turned into a tourist attraction known as the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters.” Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Stories.” Discovery’s “Forgotten Planet.”

She even hosted an episode of CMT’s “My Big Redneck Wedding” on the 307-acre grounds. But she drew the line when producers for A&E’s “Paranormal State” called. They didn’t want to meet the ghosts behind the 2½-foot thick walls, she says. They wanted to get rid of them.

“And I was like, ‘Well, maybe you’re not the right fit for me. We do not want to get rid of our spirits! We want them to stay in the building!’ “Unless they want to go home,” she adds with a laugh. “And then they can go home. I’m not trying to keep anybody here who doesn’t want to be here.”

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