Poll of 2,000 women failed to find ONE woman who was completely happy with her man

Ladies searching for Mr Right, look away now. The ‘perfect man’, it seems, does not exist.

While many chaps have positive attributes, the majority are deeply flawed.

In fact, in a study of 2,000 women, most ranked their partner as only 69 per cent perfect.

Included in a list of 20 common shortfalls are failing to make an effort with their partner’s friends, criticising their driving and the inability to multi-task.

Other male failings include leaving the toilet door open, watching too much sport and poor personal grooming.

Nikki McReynolds, marketing director for Remington, which commissioned the study, said: ‘It seems women are quite realistic on what they look for from their partner.

‘While they might happily overlook a few common flaws, there are certain behaviours that men just won’t get away with.’

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