Don’t believe your eyes: These two blocks are the SAME shade of gray


It’s hard to comprehend, but even though our eyes tell us that one block is darker and the other is lighter, we shouldn’t believe them.

The two blocks are, in fact, the exact same color and only appear diferent due to the effect of the darker and lighter shading across the middle.

Place one finger along the center, blocking the darker and lighter parts, and your eyes will begin to tell the truth.

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Women who cut out red meat ‘twice as likely to suffer from depression or anxiety’

Women who cut red meat out of their diet are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, according to a study.

Those who eat less than the recommended amount of lamb and beef were twice as likely to be diagnosed with the mental health disorders, researchers in Australia have found.

The study of more than 1,000 women showed that completely switching to protein such as chicken and fish is not as healthy as many believe.

‘We had originally thought that red meat might not be good for mental health, as studies from other countries had found red meat consumption to be associated with physical health risks, but it turns out that it actually may be quite important,’ said Felice Jacka, from Deakin University, Victoria.

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Going make-up free is more stressful than a job interview

It is perhaps the reason that women spend so long in front of the bathroom mirror.

More than two thirds of women would be too scared to go to work without a full face of make-up, it has been revealed.

Leaving the house bare-faced for the commute to work would be more stressful than public speaking, a job interview or even a first date for most women, according to the survey for the Vitality Show.

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Teenage video game players have brains ‘like gambling addicts’

Teenagers who spend hours playing video games may have a similar brain structure to gambling addicts, research suggests.

In a study of 14-year-olds, those who played frequently had a larger ‘reward centre’ in their brains than those who played less often.

Brain scans showed those who played for more than nine hours a week produced more of the ‘feel-good’ chemical dopamine.

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Know anyone who talks about food and money too much? They could be a psychopath

If someone you know uses the past tense and likes to talk about what he eats, then beware – he or she could be a psychopath.

Researchers have identified the speech patterns which are the tell-tale signs somebody could be the next Hannibal Lecter.

Those who use verbal stumbles like ‘um’ and ‘ah’ should be treated with caution whilst anybody showing a lack of emotion could be trouble too.
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